Eat smart.

Use Artificial Intelligence to optimize your nutrition to your daily needs.

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Keep track of your snack intake & activities with ease.

The Uplyfe AI finds and plans the ideal foods for you, based on your body and progress.

You get realtime feedback to your trackings to improve your habits.


"It really works"

I tried a lot of weight loss and dieting apps and sooner or later, all failed or I simply stopped using them. Uplyfe is somehow different. It focusses on keeping me engaged and that works. I lost weight, have fun cooking again and most important for me – no jojo effect.

-15kg in 32 Weeks
Marie M., 38

What Uplyfe Health Will Do for You

Personalized Nutrition

AI optimized plans that react in realtime to your body's signals and progress. Your plans improve together with you every week.

Professional Guidance

With Uplyfe Premium, you have access to health professionals to support you when you're struggling.

Uplyfe Health Biomark

We tell you every day if you are currently on track to reach your goal and what to do to close gaps.

Your trackers provide relevant health information that is used to find your ideal nutrition.

We analyze your activity to deliver your body what it needs in realtime.


Connect your wearables and let our AI identify health trends: Blood pressure higher than normal? Let's reduce salt and increase exercise in your individual plan!

Activates You

We keep you motivated to gradually increase your activity. This will improve your mental and physical health and make your plan very powerful .

Precision Nutrition by Artificial Intelligence

What is really good for me?
Our AI provides feedback to each meal, considering all health data available about you.


Let’s cook together!
Browse our recipe library and our system adopts each recipe to your body’s needs.

Uplyfe Health Coaching
Uplyfe Health Doc
Uplyfe Health Biomark Tracking

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How it works

How It Works

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"It really works"

Since I moved, I have had no family doctor and my nutritional intolerances kept getting worse. This app helps me control my intolerances and the telemedical service is the ideal deal for me right now.

Nutritional Response
Johanna L., 33


"My Diabetes tool"

I have had diabetes type two for a while now but never did I ever get such concrete support to take control of my meals and control my blood sugar values. My doc likes the detailed data about my nutrition, exercise and biomarkers…he calls me his model patient and I think everyone could be with this new tool.

-8kg Weight Loss
Max N., 42


"Love it!"

I have been rowing since I was 12 and now competing in national championships. For a while I was experimenting with nutrition to avoid the blood glucose drops during my races. However, optimizing nutrition when time is tight with university and training prove to be super complicated. This app helped me increase my endurance to a new level with easy, hands-on and powerful nutrition plans that take my daily training into account within minutes after training them.

Sports Nutrition,
Lucas H., 28