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Our AI-powered health companion reacts on your behavior in nutrition & exercise and analyses your symptoms. The new generation of Self-Care for you.  

from CHF 1.75/month

from CHF 1.75/month

Together for a better you.


Nutrition as medicine

Discover the potential of personalized nutrition for you: Your nutrition plan contains the perfect mix of nutrients, with or without allergies. We specifically address undesirable health effects: Reduction of hormonally active body fat, optimization of blood fat- and sugar or reduction of chronic inflammation through specific nutritional strategies.


Hack your routines

For exercise, stress management or snacking, we pick you up where you are and take you to the next level at your own pace. Like that you will rapidly break old habits and establish new health routines.


Become your own specialist

Take your health into your own hands. Keep an eye on your vital signs and body measurements. And if you have special medical needs, you - and only you - can easily share your data with your doctor.


AI corrects your slips

Each path is unique, so your plan adapts to you and your progress. Even after a slip-up you just start the next day fresh. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) always gets you back on track.

Our health program with CSS Insurance


Reach your health goals and target weight.

With Uplyfe, your diet is more than just delicious – it follows a specific medical goal.

Tasty science

We always keep an eye on your progress and continuously adapt your plan to your needs.

Train your plan

Simply log your activities & foods to help us understand your development and body. We use this information to increase the personalization on a continuous basis.

Symptom Tracking

Keep an eye on your symptoms.

Get to know the signals of your body better. Small symptoms can be can be tell-tales of a change in your health.

Early detection

We can detect early patterns of warning signals which often lead to disorders or chronic diseases. With the help of the big amount of data in the app you can get them checked and in the meantime you get to know your body.

Optimized treatment

Use your data for an informed and meaningful discussion about your state of health with your doctor of choice.


Never lose sight of your goal.

Biomarker are measurable indicators of your condition which Uplyfe uses to protect you.

Tracking of Biomarkers

Track everything that crosses your way. Your run, current weight, blood sugar, resting heart rate or nutritional intake. Everything helps our medical team to predict your health development.


Collect as many Biomark points as you can and reach your next level. Welcome Avocado Ninja!


Reinvent your day: Simply and conveniently

Uplyfe guides you through your day and plans your whole week ahead. Our specialists will do the planning work for you.

Let our specialists do it

A team of doctors, nutritionists and sports scientists base the daily planning for you on your data: This way you see the tasks in your daily schedule that have maximum health benefits for you with a minimum effort. Everything scientifically founded.

Intelligent daily schedule

A plan is only great if it fits into your daily life. That is why our plans adapt on a weekly base. Like that you can focus on what is key: Your job, your family and hobbies.

Choose your program


Program: Lose weight

Reduce your excess weight at the rate of 0,5 - 1kg per week. Includes personalized nutrition plans, increased exercise and an artificial intelligence function that automatically returns you into a calorie deficit after outliers..


Strengthen your immune system & keep track of Covid-19 symptoms

Strengthen your immune system with increased pre- and prebiotics, antioxidants and a plus in exercise. Continually track the development of Covid-19 and other symtoms in the app and know when to isolate yourself.


Living better with type 2 diabetes
(For CSS customers only)

Simplify the optimization of your diet with a diabetes nutrition plan including the indication of carbohydrates and bread entities (BE) per portion. More exercise will improve your insulin resistance.
The artificial intelligence of the app shows you early i when symptoms accumulate, which indicate a decrease in your overall health status.


Tackling cardiovascular conditions
(For CSS customers only)

This program helps you if you have high blood fats (cholesterol, triglycerides) or high blood pressure (hypertension). Exercise, nutrition plans and easy self-assessment knowledge help you to actively and competently manage your risk factors. Including the artificial intelligence function that tells you when your symptoms threaten to become critical.