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Frequently asked questions

Just click on your "Today" screen and click on the three bars on the left top. Click "Edit profile" - change your email - save. You are ready to go!

Allergies can change constantly that is why you can adjust them in your profile. Click the three bars in the left corner on your "Today" screen.

Select "Habits & allergies" and update your data.

Feel like eating something else than planned? Just tab on "Recipes" in your bar and browse through our collection. Search by category, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and get inspired.

You get visitors and you are searching for the right recipe to eat? Switch to Recipes on your screen and pick your favorite. Use your app like a cook book. Just multiply the ingredients with number of persons and provide enough side dishes. Enjoy a lovely meal and track the meal.

Of course. Tab on "Groceries" and click the share button on the right top. Send the shopping list per email and print it from there.

Of course. Tab on "Groceries" and klick the share button on the right top. Send the list per email and print it from there. Or save the file on your mobile and print then.

Their is only one rule: Switch vegetable with another one and fruits with fruits. So a tomato becomes a bell pepper and a banana an orange.

Open a recipe and look at the nutritions.

Look for card with the information of bread units, hold down on the card and reorder as you wish.

So you can rearrange the order based on your personal needs.

Tab on "Biomark" on your screen and you will find them at the "Daily goals" and even more.

Do you want to change the design? Click on the the blue bars on the right sight of the "Daily goal" and rearrange the order as you need it. Done.

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