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This program combines a 4 weeks home office wellness program with a anonymized early detection of your health risks. Fully anonymous and effective.

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Nutrition, exercise, early risk detection


In the home check-up you can expect...

Attractive app in 3 languages (EN, DE, FR), available in all countriesexcept USA.

  1. Nutritional program: personalized and with clinical effect
  2. Integrate exercise and new stress techniques easily into everyday life
  3. Intelligent support if you are caught in a negrative health trend.
  4. Symptom tracking with anonymized early detectionof 9 health risks, including mental health, Covid-19, backpain.
  5. Direct 1:1 support by a specialist via chat
  6. Absolute anonymity: We are a 100% neutral
    Personal data is never shared with third parties, explicitly not with employers or insurers.
  7. Your data is being 2-phase encrypted (e-banking standard) and hosted in Switzerland.

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  • Benefit from customized (AI assisted) nutrition plans, track your biomarkers, analyze symptoms & reduce stress.
  • The Uplyfe coaches are there to give you advice and support you in achieving your goals.
  • All personal day belongs to you alone - no sharing - with noone. We are fully GDPR compliant.
  • Developped on a scientific basis, enhanced by medical, nutritional and exercise specialists.

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